About The Cowboy Solution

Why the Cowboy Solution? To Bring Out the Best in those You Lead.

"The ability to build trust within an organization is the number one leadership competency of the 21st century." Stephen M.R. Covey.

The Cowboy Solution is a principle-based experiential leadership development training company, which uses horses to teach participants how to build powerful partnerships based on trust. We're dedicated to helping organizations bring out the best in those they lead. We apply fresh thinking, fresh air, and four hooves to ignite a corporate culture based on trust and partnerships. Join us for an outside the box day of training. As our clients say, "seeing is believing."



Every company wants to improve productivity, but to do it they invariably look externally for answers. They focus on processes, new technology, or faster systems that "guarantee" to deliver a better ROI. If there is success, it's usually short-lived.

The key to long-term success is focusing internally on the company's greatest resource- its people. How? By creating a culture of trust throughout the organization. And, it starts with leadership. Our unique approach allows you to apply abstract concepts easily and quickly. Read more about how The Cowboy Solution works here..

Putting over 30 years of proven business and educational practices to good use, we want to help you transform your work environment. Try a fresh approach to your organizational development. And, watch the results tomorrow and a year from now.

We promise immediate—and sustainable—results.

The change is quite apparent. I have already seen several examples of 'covering each other's back' during challenge. Steve Lauver; Swift Energy

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