Don Hutson

20120817_Don_Hutson_168_ED.jpgDon Hutson is what one would call a renaissance man. With a doctorate in music, he has been a businessman, successfully running a retail corporation, as well as an educator, teaching at both the high school and college levels. Then, in his mid 50s’ after losing his entire personal fortune, he came to Houston to start his life over and started training horses.  It was through this personal reinvention that he also found his passion in life while nose to nose with a horse.

Hutson holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Arts from Stephen F. Austin State University and a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Oklahoma with 12 years of teaching experience at both the high school and college levels, including posts at the University of Oklahoma, Phillips University and the University of Southwest Louisiana.  He also owned and operated a textile manufacturing business for 16 years.  It is this culmination of experiences from upon which he draws, plus 40 years working with horses, to share his unique perspective on teaching.  This includes the importance of building trusting partnerships; using clear, concise and consistent communications; and keeping expectations high.  His visually exciting presentations make one thing quite clear: Failure is not an option. 

In addition to The Cowboy Solution seminars, he enjoys training horses and working with riders of all ages.  He also serves as music director and conductor of the Conroe Symphony Orchestra. He enjoys cooking and playing golf.  But, he is truly happiest in the arena working with people, excited  watching others experience personal aha moments and seeing how they can make a change in themselves with the slightest shift in thought process.  He believes we’ve made life too complicated and that a back to basics approach is what is needed in business.  

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