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Cowboy Cooking Classes

The tradition of cowboy cuisine is in cooking over an open fire and generally influenced by local and seasons for ingredients. It's about using simple methods, like using Dutch ovens, frying pans, boiling pots, and roasting spits.

Metal skewers lined with spiced rubbed-meats are grilled to juicy perfection, chili being cooked in a Dutch oven. Baking fresh bread on an open fire.

During the long trail drives, the chuck wagon was the headquarters of every cattle outfit on the range. The cowboys didn't just eat their meals there, it was their social center and recreational spot.

"Chuck away, come an' get it!"

Ranch hands can join in a hands-on cooking adventure.  Learn essential prep procedures before learning how to cook on an open flame.  Guests will make a gourmet meal and then enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Call or email about pricing.  debra@cowboysolution.com; 281-415-0673.



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