The Horses

The Stars ... from the horse's mouth. Learn more about why we use horses here!


Trey-for-Say-howdy-to-the-team.jpgI really enjoy working with all of the people who come out to the ranch. And, from what they tell me I am the official horse for several of our ongoing clients. I like to be a little difficult and make those that work with me use the tools to earn my trust. I also enjoy seeing how individuals change as a result of working with us. It is fun being a teacher. Sunny is my sister.

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Sunny.JPGI have been around from the beginning and have been a part of every seminar to date. I am fairly easy going and enjoy working with those who are a little nervous at first. I always make sure that everyone that works with me succeeds. I love to hang out with my pals here at the ranch and taking new riders on their first horseback ride.

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Felicity-1-.JPGI actually was the catalyst for starting The Cowboy Solution. While working with me, Don realized that he needed to earn my trust before I would let him ride me. I was a handful and very scared at first. However, he learned to be patient and earn my trust. The result was a great partnership that lives today. I was a wedding present to Don in the fall of 2011. I enjoy seeing people change as they work with us. I am very picky now and will demand that you lead me if you want me to follow.

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I am the only Arabian horse on the property. All the rest of my friends are American Quarter horses. Since I have been here Felicity and I have become best friends. We like to hang out together. I really enjoy being around people and my personality shows it. I have been labeled "the flirt." I don't know why though. Well, maybe I have an idea. I like to work with people who have a lot of nervous energy. I feel as though I can help them understand their leadership role.

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 I am Sunny and Trey's half-sister. We have the same father. I have a lot of energy and can teach people that they have get to know me first before I can be a part of any project. I am the official project management teacher. I always enjoy watching people put into action that which they have experienced during the day.

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I too am Sunny and Trey's half-sister, which also makes me Star's half-sister. I am just starting with the program and enjoy my role as the "new kid on the block." I am very demanding and will make everyone that works with me earn respect. I am pretty much a no nonsense horse. I am sure there are a lot of people just like me in every organization. However, I enjoy my job working with all of the groups that come out.

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I am as my name implies – a princess. I have actually been told by many that they have a lot of employees just like me. I like to be the star of the show. But, I know that such a desire is not always in the best interest of success. If I can get those that work with me to understand that thought and teach me how to work with others in the team then I have done my job. I also enjoy teaching new riders how to become leaders in the saddle.

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